Electric scooters (sometimes known as “e-scooters”) have gained popularity as a mode of transportation in Edmonton and best best car accident lawyer Toronto other Albertan communities during the past few years. Although there are many benefits to using this innovative and practical method of transportation, there are also several concerns regarding safety and the law that should be considered before using it.

Where in Edmonton can I ride an electric scooter?

Only specific parts of the city, such as bike lanes, shared sidewalks, shared roadways, and roads with a marked speed restriction of 50 km/h or fewer, are permitted to use electric scooters. Please note that electric scooters are prohibited on sidewalks, specific other park paths, or car lanes in the city.

What kinds of wounds may riding an electric scooter cause?

Using electric scooters in regions where bicycles, automobiles, and pedestrians are also present raises the law firms for car accidents possibility of accidents and injuries. In reality, between 2017 and 2019, the usage of electric scooters led to up to 50,000 hospital visits and 27 fatalities, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (link).

Fractures, lacerations, dislocations, concussions/brain injuries, and other common ailments can arise from electric scooter accidents, according to a report by Public Health Ontario (here).

Can I file a personal injury claim if I get injuries in an accident using an electric scooter?

Man riding a motor scooter in Sofia on his way to work

Suppose you are hurt while operating an electric scooter, and the insured driver of the vehicle is to blame. In that case, the situation is comparable to that of a pedestrian struck by a car, provided car accident lawyer Toronto Ontario that you are not at fault for the collision. You might attempt to file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance provider for damages.

However, several additional circumstances involving electric scooters can take place in which the law would be more complex.

For instance, if a careless rider of an electric scooter harms an innocent third party, the injured party’s options for recovering damages against the delinquent rider would be more constrained because the negligent rider was probably not covered by insurance.

Electric scooters are very new. Therefore, many legal disputes involving them have not been brought up in court. As a result, it car accident lawyer in Toronto has yet to be apparent how various contracts and insurance plans would be construed to establish guilt in some of these more complex situations.

What are some safety recommendations for using electric scooters?

  • Before riding, ensure you comprehend how the scooter works, particularly how to utilize the brakes.
  • Use the bell on the handlebars to let others know that you are approaching.
  • Before proceeding through an intersection, ensure your route is clear by scanning the area ahead.
  • In the case of an accident, wearing a helmet while using an electric scooter can help lessen the likelihood of significant injuries.

An experienced personal injury attorney best car accident lawyer in Toronto can assist you in sifting through the legal difficulties and put you on the correct track if you are engaged in an incident involving an electric scooter and are unclear about your choices.